My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Pairings [Updated]

Can you believe it? It’s been 2 years since I last updated this list?! Surely, a lot has changed in these 2 years, so it’s about time to add some new pairings to the list and update my thoughts on the ones that have been in there for years already~

shuumatsu no izetta yuri10. Finé x Izetta (Shuumatsu no Izetta)

Finé is already one of my favorite anime characters of 2016, while Izetta probably made it to my top 3 cutest anime characters of all-time. So even without pairing them up with each other, I’m absolutely in love with both of them. However, if you now ship them with each other, what emerges from this simple equation of Finé + Izetta, is simply heavenly.

Those two compliment each other wonderfully, with strong and badass Finé handling her beloved and oh so loyal Izetta with the utmost care.

Their scenes together are some of the most enjoyable moments in anime history, and it makes me wonder just why in the world there hasn’t been more fan art and doujinshi about them. It’s something that I really can’t understand, as to me, they seem like the perfect match~

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Yuri Tournament – Who’s The Best Yuri Character? – Round 0

It’s finally time for something really new, something that has never been done on this blog before, and something that involves you guys!

Let me present to you, YuriReviews first and only Yuri Tournament. With this, we will try to figure out which yuri character is the greatest and most loved yuri character of them all.

So what did we do?
• We came up with more than 100 yuri characters.
• We decided to only go for those characters that either show some strong lesbian tendencies, are undoubtedly lesbian, or at least have enough subtext going on to gain a lot of supporters in our community.

And what will you have to do?
Easy, you’ll simply have to vote for the characters that you think deserve the title of the best yuri character the most.

We will divide this competition into 9 individual posts. This post right here counts as Round 0. You can view it as something like a preliminary decision. You can see which characters will take part in the actual competition that follows and also tell us which characters you think are still missing. Those then might be added into the first round.

However, this is not all. In this round, you will decide which characters from shows/games like Love Live!, Touhou, Kantai Collection, Sono Hanabira, and Akuma no Riddle will make it to the first round. Since these shows/games feature way too many yuri-ish characters to add them all to the list, it’s probably a wiser decision to just add the most popular ones.

Just scroll down and click the group you want to vote for first.

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My Top 10 Yuri Manga That Should Be Made Into Anime

I’ve already made a similar post to this, talking about what kind of yuri manga I’d want to see animated and which manga combinations I think would make the perfect yuri anime. But since this post is already pretty old, I decided to update it, which is why I’ll now present to you my Top 10 Yuri Manga that should be made into Anime.

As always, this is only my opinion, so feel free to tell me what you think is missing in this list~

And before people point it out, not all of my picks are Manga, there are some games added as well.

10. A better Touhou anime

As great as the few Touhou anime projects are, they are still not what I really want to see.

You have the choice between fanmade projects that are either not voiced or that come with art and animation that is simply not as satisfying as we’d want it to be. Furthermore, the few episodes we’ve already gotten don’t really come with a plot that can be used for a whole anime, and that’s something I really don’t understand, given the numerous characters and their individual background stories. Honestly, I think the possibilities for a Touhou anime are simply endless.

Especially since we’ve now also gotten a Kantai Collection anime, I demand to see something similar for this game as well!

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Why Are Touhou and Kantai Collection So Big?

In my post about my experiences at Comiket, I was asked why exactly games like Touhou and Kantai Collection are so big in Japan. Admittedly, I might not be the best person to ask this question. I mean, I only played one of the Touhou games a few times, and I’ve never played Kantai Collection. Though, I still think I might have some good explanations.

And I got some help from a fan who played both games… a lot. 😛

With that said, let’s start with Touhou, the older and also more famous game of the two. As I already explained in my post about the game, it’s a bullet hell shooter, fully developed by one man only, with its history dating back to 1996.

This isn’t a post about how Touhou became popular or when it actually started to really gain the status that it has right now, because to answer these questions you might have to dig a lot deeper and have an understanding of other factors that I simply have no knowledge in. So for now, let’s stick to what the internet tells us and assume that Touhou really “boomed” around Comiket 75 in 2005.

touhou popularity comiket
I’d say it really “boomed” at C75, though it all started at C65.

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Guilty Pleasures

After coming across some rather harsh comments some people left on various manga and doujinshi on the Dynasty Reader, I started to wonder whether I myself enjoy watching shows/reading manga that other yuri fans would look down on me for.

Within our yuri community, and especially manga and doujinshi in particular, there are so many different genres and themes to chose from that it’s impossible to not come to dislike at least some of them. But this post will not be about some kind of, let’s say, questionable or controversial themes, such as incest, or even age gap or loli stuff. I just want to talk about my own guilty pleasures when it comes to anything yuri.

So let’s start with anime and manga. I guess you can say that I’m quite easy to please, especially when it comes to anime. Give me some yuri, and I’ll watch the show and most likely enjoy it too. So my first guilty pleasure is a show called Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora. I bet many of you have already watched it or have at least heard about it. In short, it has Chikane and Himeko, my two favorite anime lesbians in it. Well, they have different names, and their story is also not the same, but without a doubt, we can say that these two are like alter egos of Chikane and Himeko.

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[Doujin Release] Marshmallow Heart by Chitose [R-18]

Just like mentioned on our last project, it’s now time for some more releases. The first one will be a NSFW MeiSaku doujin by Chitose [Usanamaco].

It seems like the list of people who help out with these is getting longer and longer, so I’ve decided to keep the credit page, instead of listing them all here. But in this case, special thanks goes to Rock The Vogt, who joined our group and did a great job with his very first project.

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