What to Expect in 2017

Since we now all made it safely into the new year, why not take the opportunity to just take a small look at what we might expect to see in the following 12 months?

citrus netsuzuo trap animeWell, of course, we have to start with the news that hit us in late 2016 – that being Citrus and Netsuzou Trap both getting anime adaptations. Well, since we didn’t really get any more information other than the fact that those two manga will be made into anime, we can’t really be sure that the adaptations will happen in 2017. In fact, we only know for sure in case of Netsuzou Trap. Though, I think we’ll get some more information on that soon, so let’s now just expect both shows to hit us this year.

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Yuri Visual Novel Tsui Yuri – Okaa-san ni wa Naisho dayo~ Translation Project

QJfUWuDThis news has already been around since April, though I just now found out about it.

So as it seems, this new and very promising looking Yuri Visual Novel is being translated and worked on right now, by the following team:

Project leader + Translator: @Dergonu
Hacker: @Porygon2
Editor: @Meat_Bun1

Here’s a  the plot summary as well as a promo video already translated into English: Continue reading