Announcement: Introduction of New Yuri Rating System

As requested, I thought about a better and more efficient way of rating the yuri content in shows, manga and anything else I review.

Since this is the most important score on this website, I want to make it as clear and reasonable as possible, which is why I’ll introduce the following rating system to you:

yurireviews yuri rating system
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A few explanations:

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Different Kinds of Yuri in Anime

I think that there are 4 different types of yuri in Anime.

The first one could be described as the most obvious one, in which the relationship between the two characters obviously exists and in which the viewers can actually see the couple confirm their love, which doesn’t necessarily need to be with words only. The best examples for this one are Kannazuki no Miko or Strawberry Panic.

kannazuki no miko yuri
Chikane (left) and Himeko (right). In the anime, their feelings for each other are pretty obvious.

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