[Guest Review by DemacianSentry] Walk Wit Me by Hiroki Ugawa

walk with me yuri manga


Walk Wit Me is a harrowing tale of how the lives passed down to children, from those who are responsible for giving them life, sometimes do nothing to actually allow them to have a fuller, richer life. So they find it better to do so themselves.

Author: Hiroki Ugawa
Length: 2 Chapters
Status: Completed
Scanlation Group: Yuri Project
Genre: Drama, Yuri
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Story: 9.5/10

During the late 1950’s, in a slowly dying coalmine town, at the foot of a mountain, somewhere remote within the United States, two girls struggling to grasp the purpose that their parents have given them, find greater purpose in one another. From an encounter in their early childhood to the setting of the story itself, they spend every possible moment together they can find. Surrounded by stubborn townsfolk that continue to believe in the old glory of the mine when it was young, their lives are shadows of those very same people that raised them. What’s worse is that as the ones who call themselves their parents continue to press that idea down upon them, they have already been convinced that they will die in the coalmine town in much the same way everyone else will. Continue reading