My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Characters

After I already made a Top 10 list of my favorite yuri pairings, it’s now time to list my favorite yuri characters as well. This time, I will only list characters that we can be sure are into girls, or at least one specific girl. So stuff like Touhou characters will not be mentioned. With that said, as always, enjoy~

10. Akane Ryuuzouji (Walkure Romance)
akane walkure romanze

Best yuri girl of 2013? Yup, that’s right. In my eyes, Akane definitely deserves this title. Well, we should probably not talk about how things will eventually turn out for her in the original game that Walkure Romance is based on. So let’s keep this book closed and just see her as the great lesbian she appears to be in the anime.

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Anime Review: Walkure Romanze

Genre: Action, Ecchi, Harem, School Setting

Story 5/10 and Characters 6.5/10:
In short Walkure Romanze is a harem anime with a male lead and a lot of ecchiness involved. Especially that last part doesn’t really come as a surprise, considering the fact that this anime is based on an adult Visual Novel.
So why is a yuri fan who doesn’t even like harem shows watching an anime like this? 
Because of the great yuri character of course!

But first things first, Walkure Romanze is a modern day romance series with some medieval inspired elements weirdly yet nicely mixed into the story. Our protagonist Takahiro Mizuno, as well as the handful of female students this anime focuses on, attends a special academy which takes pride in offering to teach jousting as the main sport. Due to an injury Takahiro himself doesn’t participate in jousting anymore, but his extraordinary skills still make him a great Begleiter (something like a knights’ helper). 
Since there is a big tournament coming up, many participants want him as their own Begleiter, but Takahiro always refuses offers because he just can’t decide what he really wants.

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2013 Anime / Manga / Visual Novel Awards

Before reading, please keep in mind that this is just my personal list, so don’t get angry when I’m not naming your own favorites in this entry.

Also I think this is a pretty random list, since I just posted something similar to this in my “My Personal Highlights of 2013” entry some time ago.
Still, even though I will repeat a lot of what has already been said, there are quite a few new aspects I want to name in this one as well.
I think I’ll do something similar to this at the end of every year from now on, but let’s just see about that. For now, enjoy the list~

Best Yuri Anime: Shinsekai Yori
I know, I know, Shinsekai Yori is not a real yuri anime, but I guess we are kind of short on pure yuri shows this year, so I have no other choice.

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