YuriReviews Moved – Yet Again

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Ever since “that incident”, we’ve thought a lot about how we could change our current situation.

Our first step was to get our own domain, which we successfully managed to do. After that we continued with smaller tasks, much more difficult to do, and also much more difficult to even see as a visitor. We made some little changes in specific posts and modified NSFW pictures showing sexual activities by adding some censoring. It was definitely not my favorite task to do, as I like to embrace my inner pervert, though it was something necessary to make sure we’ll be on the safe side in the future. Continue reading

YuriReviews – Some Changes and Updates

As some of you might have already noticed, something changed about YuriReviews. It’s not the content, nor is it the look. It’s something very simple, yet something that means a lot to us.

So what happened is, we moved. You probably didn’t even notice, since you can still find us the way you usually would. Well, the change is not that big anyway, but now, we’re happy to announce that we have our own domain “YuriReviews.com”. No blogspot added anymore, simply YuriReviews.

Yeah, I like that~

We’re really happy about this little change. You might not think about this too deeply, but as Rock The Vogt once said, “It’s like moving into another home”, and it’s a better one. One that only belongs to us, which is amazing. Though, the road that brought us there wasn’t that easy.

Since some of you already know, let’s just say that we ran into some trouble with a visitor some weeks ago. To put it lightly, he was hard to deal with, and he ended up spamming some posts of ours with walls of text stating how much we and our blog suck. We ended up deleting these posts, but he seemingly went ahead and reported YuriReviews.

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Which Headers Do You Want To See on YuriReviews?

As some of you might have noticed, this blog has been undergoing a lot of changes lately.

Thanks to the last big survey you were able to take, we received a lot of useful advice, like comments telling us to add a background picture and such. As a result, the whole layout has been changed to appeal more to our readers, and hopefully make the blog easy to navigate through and more enjoyable to visit.

Now, since we still think that we can do more, we decided to let you decide which headers we will add to our collection.

We currently have 6 different headers, 4 of which I’d like to keep. The other two will be replaced, while we’ll add even more depending on the result of this poll. About 10 new headers will be added. You’ll be able to vote for as many as you like, while you can also click the option “all of them”.

If you’re up to it, feel free to also tell us how you like the new background picture. And if you don’t like it, please tell us how you think it could improve.

With that said, have fun voting~

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Guide On How to Properly Do a Guest Review (or other post) on YuriReviews


This post is only meant to be read by those who plan on doing a guest review on this blog. If that is not what you’re intending to do, you can click away.

During the two years that YuriReviews has been around, we’ve had a lot of guest reviews. Since we always get the same questions, I decided to make guide on how to properly do a guest review for YuriReviews.

Step 1
Since this is an English blog, we’re only taking requests from people who can speak the language. You don’t have to be a native speaker, but your English needs to be good enough for people to enjoy reading what you have to say. Rock The Vogt and I usually check your review for spelling or grammar mistakes and correct them. So if you’re not okay with us potentially making some changes, you need to tell us in advance. However, if your post has too many mistakes, we can’t have it posted on the blog. So please take this into consideration before contributing anything to us.

Step 2
Check whether what you want to write about has already been done before. For this, simply use the “Search function” on the top menu bar. If what you want to write about hasn’t been done before,  still take the time to ask us whether a post about your desired topic is actually needed on the blog. For reviews of any kind, this is usually not a problem at all. Reviews are always welcome.
Also, and I’m sorry for pointing out the obvious, your post needs to have something to do with yuri….

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YuriReviews Survey – Take Two & Facebook Announcement

yurireviews facebook

Just like we did last year, this year as well we’d like to hear your opinion on some matters, as well as let our readers decide how some things should be changed, improved, or whether they should be kept the way they are.

Since last time, many things have already changed:

For one, we changed the whole layout of YuriReviews. Changes were subtle, but I think we did a good job. Changing headers were implemented, the width of the blog was changed, and the blogroll was improved by adding more useful gadgets.

Furthermore, we tried to improve the whole navigation system of YuriReviews. Therefore Rock changed the “search gadget” and made a very neat post in which all entries are listed in a quite convenient way, making it easier to find specific posts and content. To check it out, just click on “YR Archive” right beneath the header or simply click here.

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