What We’re Listening to This Month (August 2020 Edition)

August is over, so it’s time to pass along what music took up our time last month.

When I see YouTube recommendations from German artists that I’ve never heard of, I usually add the videos to my Watch Later list, just in case. Doing that helped me find this song, so I wonder what other hidden gems the YouTube algorithm will help me find.

Even though I’ve played Donkey Kong Country through an emulator, I’ll admit that I haven’t actually gotten to the level where you hear this song. But thanks to the power of YouTube, I don’t have to. Either way, I don’t think anyone can deny that this song is pretty epic.

LÉON has been around for about five years, so why did it take me so long to discover her? It’s a mystery of the universe, but now that I do know about her, I’m absolutely loving her sound. I have a feeling she’ll appear again on in the list in the VERY near future… 😛

Yup, it’s a double dose of LÉON. I think she may currently be my favorite singer, and it’s thanks to awesome songs like this one. She has a new LP coming out next month, so that means there’s more good music from her headed our way. Has 2020 redeemed itself?

After finishing RiME, the game this song is from, the first thing I did was go look up this song. It added a lot to emotional punch to the game, and to make matters even cooler, Lindsey Stirling is even doing a little cosplay in this video.

At this point, you’d have to call Madeline Juno a regular on these lists, because this is the eighth song of hers that we’ve included. Thanks to this one, she’s gotten some recognition from Spotify and Apple Music, so it’s awesome to see her having a lot of success. Maybe the best is yet to come for Ms. Juno.

Finally, this isn’t the first time we’ve featured The Japanese House on these lists (it’s actually the third time), but I never get tired of adding her songs on here. She’s another artist that flies under the radar, but those in the know know how nice her music is. I feel like such a hipster right about now… 😛