What We’re Listening to This Month (July 2020 Edition)

After more than half a year, we’re back with more weekly monthly looks at what we’re listening to~

I stumbled onto this song while browsing on Steam, and in the process, I have another game to add to my wishlist, Sayonara Wild Hearts. This is the song from the launch trailer, and I love how upbeat and happy it is~

Especially in times like these, it’s nice to just take a moment and be retrospective about everything and everyone in your life. Prior to this, the only time I’ve heard of LANY was from that one Lauv track, but they’re pretty good, and I should look up more of their stuff.

LÉON has been on here a couple of times before, but that’s clearly not enough. For whatever reason, she hasn’t blown up yet, but I think it’s inevitable. She’s way too good not to, and it should help that this latest song from her also happens to be one of her best.

Yup, more German music and more Madeline Juno. Fun fact: Madeline Juno has also dabbled in non-German music such as this. And this, under an alias. Those are nice, but I still prefer the German stuff~

After what seemed like years, it finally happened. Seulrene, probably one of the most popular ships in Kpop, officially made their subunit debut, and it was every bit as glorious as everyone expected. Everyone loves Red Velvet, but I wouldn’t be too heartbroken if Irene and Seulgi decided to ditch that and just stick with each other~

There’s been a ton of Seulrene stuff this month, and that included another video, this time for Naughty. As expected, the visuals are once again insane, but I don’t like this song as much as Monster. Still, it’s been the best month ever for Seulrene fans and this was another reason why.

July was a loaded month for the ladies of Kpop, and Sunmi can’t be overlooked. pporappippam marks the third time that Sunmi has been on these lists, and chances are that it’s not the last that that we’ll her here.