What We’re Listening to This Week (December 23, 2019 Edition)

Since next week’s list will encompass the entire decade, this is the last time we’ll have a proper weekly list of songs until the New Year. And when the weekly list resurfaces next year, maybe expect a couple fewer songs per week, since seven is already a lot to round up. 😛

Ai Shinozaki may be better known for… uhhh… other reasons, but it’s a little surprising that she’s actually a decent singer. Prior to her solo singing career, she was in a Jpop group called AeLL, but they weren’t that great, so just forget I ever mentioned them. 😀

It’s hard to keep up with all of the Kpop acts, so I often discover artists/groups I had never heard of before, and this is another one of them. Judging by how few views their videos have, it seems other people aren’t well aware of them either, but hopefully that’ll change, because she has a nice voice.

I’m a little surprised that it’s taken me this long to include Imagine Dragons on the list. They have a lot of good songs, so I don’t know exactly what the delay was, but here they are now, and this song is one that I’ve been enjoying a lot lately.

I’ve been a fan of Lauv for a few years now, but when I first learned of this song, I had no idea who LANY was. And after listening to the song, I still have no idea, but these two sound so much alike that maybe I should change that. Also, I’m really glad that they didn’t have a body in the trunk. 😀

Madeline Juno is no stranger to these lists, and here she is again before the year comes to an end. Unfortunately, this song doesn’t have a music video (like a couple of other songs on this week’s list), but I still like it a lot nevertheless.

Christmas is almost here, so you gotta have at least one holiday song to listen to, right? I’m not exactly the festive type, but even I couldn’t resist picking a song from Sia that stars Kristen Bell. There are other celebrities in it, but all you really need is Kristen Bell~

It wasn’t until earlier this year that I started becoming interested in TED Talks, but there are a lot of interesting discussions to be found. One particular topic that I’m interested in is mental health, and I found this TED Talk to be especially enlightening.


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