What We’re Listening to This Week (July 22nd, 2019 Edition)

Only one English song this week, but at least the birthday girl has one to jam out to~

I love the pop-rock vibe of this song and group. A lot of Kpop girl groups just go for a cutesy pop vibe, but not Dreamcatcher. What is another killer track from them, and I really hope we see more Kpop-rock groups emerge, because I think this style works really well.

This song here may not be pop-rock, but it’s still good, and it just so happens that this song is their debut. Not a bad way to start off your career as a group, and if their future releases are as strong as this one, they could end up being much more well-known. Only time will tell.

I LOVE Freya Ridings’ voice. This cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song Maps, is even better than the original, I believe, and that’s saying a lot. The video kind of reminded me of Haibane Renmei, so bonus points for that.

You don’t get to level 2129 in Overwatch without loving it, and with great characters like Mei, it’s hard NOT to love it. Mei’s the definition of cute, and this song is the definition of a banger. But now I want songs for every hero in the game!

We’ve had songs from several different languages on these weekly lists, but you don’t have to know the language in order to enjoy the music. Another example of this comes from Плакала, which is sung in Ukrainian by KAZKA. I don’t understand a word, but even I can understand that it sounds so good. 😛

This actually worked out perfectly. Not only is this song and video (and Somi) pretty awesome, but I love that it’s about a birthday, because today is Lena’s birthday! ❤

She’s gonna shake it like it’s her birthday… but nobody is invited. 😀

This song was described to me as the “cinnamon song”, and now I can never unhear it! Rest assured that YEZI is not rapping about cinnamon (she could probably make it sound cool), but she’s still absolutely killing it with these rhymes! If they make another The Mummy movie, I say she plays the villain.


2 thoughts on “What We’re Listening to This Week (July 22nd, 2019 Edition)

  1. Eight – Sleeping at Last; a piece relating to the eighth enneagram, one of nine different personality types. There is still a bit of a story there but it’s 1st person rather than 3rd and more upbeat than Dark Chandelier.


    • Oh yeah, I like this one better. Like you mentioned, I like that it’s first person rather than third, and it’s just generally more vague. It’s a lot easier to put yourself in the “character’s” shoes and easier to relate to~


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