What We’re Listening to This Week (July 29th, 2019 Edition)

Unlike yuri anime, there’s always something new when it comes to music, so let’s shine the light on some more songs~

Aimer has been one of my favorite Japanese musical artists for a while now, ever since I saw that video of her performing Spica at the Budokan. Anyway, Black Bird satisfies that Jrock craving I get from time to time, and what the hell is this movie, and why do I want to watch so badly?! 😀

Over the past three or four years, there probably isn’t another artist I’ve listened to more than Crywolf. Akureyri, Bury Now, Halloween, 1987, Intro, Never Be Like You, Quantum Immortality, Slaves, Slow Burn, and Windswept are just some of my favorites from him, and this song here is yet another one~

This seems like an unusual choice, but it was brought to my attention due to it being present in a video unveiling the newest Overwatch hero. There’s something about this song that’s just so different, and it’s equal parts eerie and mesmerizing.

I especially like these Gap Crush videos. A lot of the time, they just allow the groups to be goofy, and as a result, we get to see some of their personalities come across better than they might in normal music videos. This particular one is amusing because of all of those cute plumbers. 😛

I don’t know how many of you watched the Eurovision Song Contest this year, but like every other year, it was a musical smorgasbord of strangeness, yet this may be strange, even by Eurovision standards. The really weird thing is (besides those lyrics), this song is super catchy!

Neither of us have actually watched Samurai Champloo, but we’ve heard enough about it to know that it’s very highly regarded among the anime community. Not only is the anime highly regarded, the music is highly regarded, and this new take on the ED theme is so, so satisfying.

Back before she became a Blink, Lena had already started becoming interested in Twice. That may be partially due to that gay What is Love? video, but Likey just further cemented the fact that this is among her favorite Kpop groups~


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