What We’re Listening to This Week (July 8th, 2019 Edition)

Many more musical moments might make Mondays more magical. Or in other words, mmmmmmmm! 😛

Here’s what’s on repeat this week~

I’m a big fan of the original version of this song, and this cover is one that didn’t take me too long to realize that I liked. I can’t say I like it as much as Justin’s version, but it hasn’t lost that melancholic vibe that makes the original so special to me~

It was a little tough to choose a song from this group, because I found a few that I liked. In the end, I went with one of their mashup covers, and this one features a song that I haven’t heard yet (Maroon 5? Pffff.) Also, do you know any other music videos that were shot at Sonic? Didn’t think so! 😛

“I wrote this song about my father choosing another life over raising me. This video represents the literal and emotional journey I took, only to find out he wanted them and not me. Everyone can relate to the feeling of not being good enough and the frustration that comes with that.” Such a hard-hitting and good song~

Video game music nowadays is often good, but there was something really magical about the music from 8/16-bit games. I’ve never played Xenoblade Chronicles X, but this chiptune cover brings back memories of playing those old-school games on emulators. Sweet nostalgia.

Perlo is such a mellow group, and this song is another example of that. Never thought that I’d like something described as dream folk, but their stuff is just so light and dreamy that I couldn’t resist. Day by Day is still my favorite song from them, though.

You know, we didn’t want to add a music video like this just because it fits in with the theme of the blog, so this song gets chosen only because it’s a good song. The two women in the video include The Japanese House herself, Amber Bain, and her real-life ex-girlfriend, so it’s an actual case of art imitating life.

Am I becoming a musical hipster? Some of these music choices might make it seem that way, but that can’t be right, right? Anyway, his name is pronounced like “lost”, but since this song is so smooth, consider him found. Okay, that was just bad. I’ll see myself out now… 😀

In case you missed our previous picks, you can catch up on them right here~


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