What We’re Listening to This Week (June 17th, 2019 Edition)

This newest series has absolutely nothing to do with yuri, which is why it’s being published on a page instead of a post. Probably the last thing someone who’s looking for yuri wants to see are some random songs, so it’s better to just keep this separate from the regular content.

Anyway, these aren’t necessarily new songs, but as long as they’re new to us, that’s all that really matters. And if anyone’s actually reading this, feel free to comment about how bad you think these choices are. 😛

Beginning with Kpop, who hasn’t heard of BLACKPINK? They’re one of the biggest things in the industry, and they’ve even started making waves in the West. One need look no further for an example of this than YR, which is home to their newest fan, our very own Lena K.! 😀

For my money, I think most of Boyce Avenue’s covers are better than the original, and I think this one is no different. To be honest, the only songs I’ve heard from this group are covers, yet it’s pretty impressive that so many of them are still killer.

Before this past weekend, I wasn’t all that familiar with Carlie Hanson, but this song led me to discover a few other songs from her that I kind of like. In addition to making some catchy pop songs, she seems kind of cool, and maybe I’ll end up liking more music from her.

Ever since I discovered Echos a few years ago, I’ve been enamored by the voice of Lexi Norton, and this song reminded me of those days gone by. My Blood may not be my favorite song from them (I’d still go with Don’t Let Me Go), but this is a song that’s been on repeat for the better part of a week.

iKON may be having some issues, but let’s focus on this song instead, which has the distinct honor of being a Kpop song that’s liked by BOTH members of YR! That’s crazy, but it’s a pretty damn good song, so maybe it shouldn’t be that shocking after all.

For a few years now, I’ve been wanting to really like Madeline Juno, but she didn’t have that one song that made me sit up and take notice. That all changed with Automatisch, and hopefully I’ll end up liking what she comes out with next as much as I like this one.

I literally don’t know a single word in Swedish, but this song definitely caught my attention. Sweden is well-known for producing some top-notch music, so I’m not all that surprised that I ended up liking another song from there. Maybe there’s something in the water… 😛


2 thoughts on “What We’re Listening to This Week (June 17th, 2019 Edition)

  1. “And if anyone’s actually reading this, feel free to comment about how bad you think these choices are. ” Very bad :p
    Just kidding, just not really my type of music. Im more of a rock/metal kind of guy, altough I like some few catchy pop songs.


    • Awww. I expected much worse! 😀

      I’m not into rock as much as I used to be, and for me at least, it’s harder to find good rock songs nowadays. Doesn’t help that you don’t really hear it on the radio anymore. 😛


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