What We’re Listening to This Week (November 25, 2019 Edition)

It’s the holiday season, but the holidays aren’t the only special occasion coming up~

I discovered this song recently, and I liked it way too much not to include it this week. While I appreciate the breath of fresh air that Billie Eilish has been, I haven’t listened to enough of her songs to really gauge how much I like them, but with more haunting songs like this one, maybe fans of hers can make room for me on the bandwagon.

It’s been a weird year. With some much needed help, I think I’ve been doing a much better job of looking after my mental wellness this year, and compared to previous years, I’d say I’m in a much better place, mentally. It’s not easy, but we all should make it a priority to take better care of ourselves, for ourselves and those we hold dear~

I’m not exactly super into Disney movies, but I came across this German dub scene from Disney’s Hercules, and I really liked it. Comparing this to the English version, I think that this version is a whole lot better, and as an American, it kind of pains me to say that. 😛

Earlier this year, I watched the movie this song is from, Her, and I liked it a lot. It’s basically about a guy who falls in love with his virtual assistant, but even though that sounds really weird and silly, this movie handles the whole situation a lot better than you’d expect, and it kind of makes you rethink what love is and can be.

You ever know someone who’s super sweet, smart, funny, charming, attractive, kind, and good-hearted, yet they sometimes just don’t realize/believe it? You just want to give them a big hug and tell the devil that’s on their shoulder and whispering all those negative things to them to get lost. Hopefully someday they’ll open their eyes and see it for themselves~

How nice is this?! Both the singing and dancing manage to be super sexy and sultry without being trashy, and you can’t say that about everything, such as this. And this isn’t even supposed to be a sexy song, but it’s just got that vibe. Also, it’s nice that the entire video is shown, instead of it being cut short and the best parts skipped… 😛

The singer of this song is Stefanie Joosten, and I have to say that Stefanie is pretty great~

For this song, I have a vision in my head of a soldier on a battlefield who’s at the end of their life, and they’re recalling all the highs and lows that they’ve experienced along the way. They’re thankful for all of the good things, yet in this bittersweet moment, they’re accepting of


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