What We’re Listening to This Week (November 4th, 2019 Edition)

We’re gonna do something a little different this week. To celebrate the release of Taeyeon’s 2nd full album, Purpose, this week’s edition will be an all-Taeyeon edition and include her newest video, Spark.

When I first this a snippet of this song in an album teaser video, I knew I was going to love it, and I absolutely did. I’m kind of disappointed that we didn’t get a proper video for this song, but this lyric video is the next best thing. Also, isn’t she so adorable in this footage?

I think this Taeyeon song is pretty underrated. Neither the video nor the song are super flashy, yet, like most other Taeyeon songs, she has a way of simply pulling you in and expressing emotions through her songs.

This video was pretty fun. It was sort of like a karaoke-style video where viewers could sing along with Taeyeon as if it were a duet. I don’t sing myself, but I appreciated how novel this was, not to mention how great Taeyeon sounds, as usual. SM should have a sweepstakes where the winner can record background vocals for a Taeyeon song!

This is where it all began. After nearly a decade in Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon embarked on her solo career in 2015, and as far as I’m concerned, it couldn’t have possibly gone any better. The song, the video (which was filmed in New Zealand just like Mamamoo’s Starry Night), the visuals, I’d imagine every Taeyeon fan absolutely loved this. I know I did.

Despite having the looks to pull it off, Taeyeon has almost never really given off a sultry vibe, until the video for I Got Love. To make matters even better, this song is pretty unlike any other Taeyeon song, and I was definitely digging the cabaret vibes of this one.

As is sometimes the case for Kpop acts, Taeyeon has delved into the Japanese market, with this being her first Japanese single. Right down to the gorgeous landscapes (this was filmed in Morocco), this gave me really strong I vibes, and just like that song, it’s a soaring anthem that I really liked.

Out of all of the Taeyeon songs and all of Kpop songs I’ve ever heard, this one is my very favorite. As much as I like Taeyeon singing upbeat songs, I think ballads are what she does best, and nothing beats hearing her belt out the lyrics to a heartfelt song like this.

After a listen/watch or two, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this one, but it quickly grew on me, and I actually like this new song/video quite a bit. I still wouldn’t rank this new song or album as highly as Taeyeon’s first album, My Voice, yet I think it’s safe to call it a winner nonetheless~


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