What We’re Listening to This Week (October 14, 2019 Edition)

Halloween is coming up, but no spooky songs… yet. Which reminds me, I need to listen to Thriller again! 😛

In a previous edition that had a Boyce Avenue cover, I mentioned how their covers are almost always better than the original song, but I think this one is an exception. I like this version, but I still think Seal’s version is a bit better. At least this is my second favorite version! 😛

Crywolf is one of my favorite artists, and although he’s not exactly known for covers, I think this turned out really well. Truth be told, I haven’t actually heard Flume’s version (and I don’t really care to), but I’d bet that I wouldn’t like it as much as this one~

Day6 is a group that’s definitely very underrated, and out of all of their pop-rock songs, this one is probably my favorite. The cool illustrated music video is the next best thing to an actual music video, and it even features translated lyrics. If only these guys were as popular as some other less talented groups…

I think this song only showed up in my recommendations because of Loote’s involvement, but I think it’s a pretty good song, so I’m not complaining. Yeah, they sound like almost every other guy group, but I don’t care too much. 😀

This is another group I had never heard of before I randomly encountered them on Spotify, but they’re not bad. Since then, I’ve heard two or three other songs from them, but I haven’t liked them like I like this one. Bonus points for the cool band name.

So far, these girls have made it on the list more than any other artist, and considering that they’re still in their primes and how frequent their releases are, they’ll probably make it on at least a couple more times. There’s no MV for this one (boo!), so no chance to see Irene, but I like it anyway. 😛

When I really like a song, I’ll usually play it over and over for like a week, and that’s pretty much what I did with this one by The Japanese House. We’ve featured her here before, and I haven’t gone through that many of her other songs, so she could possible make it on the list once again in the future~


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