What We’re Listening to This Week (October 21st, 2019 Edition)

Halloween is closer, but since I forgot to add a Halloween-themed song or two, you’ll just have to settle for these songs instead. 😛

Even though this version can’t compare to the Taeyeon version that I heard for the first time like ten minutes ago (totally my bias speaking), this is yet another great track from Adele, who never seems to run out of them. It’s not my favorite song from her, but when you have so many good ones to choose from, that’s not a slight at all.

For me, Camila Cabello is an artist that’s hit or miss. When she hits, she hits hard and I end up loving the song, but when she misses, I don’t care for the song at all. I still need to listen to this one more to get to liking it even more, but even at this early stage, this is one I can’t help but like~

Dreamcatcher, a Kpop girl group, has kind of built up a reputation for coming out with songs that sound like they could be an OP song for an anime, and this is yet another one. For that reason, I’ve really taken a liking to them, so while a lot of other groups just keep putting out songs that sound like every other Kpop song you’ve ever heard, I like that Dreamcatcher has a pretty different sound.

Recently, yet another Kpop star took their own life (Sulli, formerly of (f)x), so I was reminded of this video, which features Jonghyun, who took his life a couple of years ago. The song is Nothing Lasts Forever from Ha:tfelt, and it’s one of my favorite sad and emotional songs that I’ve heard, and it probably fits both situations very well.

Mamamoo has been on this list before with Gleam, but not only do I like this song a lot better, it may be my favorite Mamamoo song ever. That guitar is sexy as hell, but the locales featured in this video are stunning. It was filmed in New Zealand, and you’re probably not going to find a lot of videos that offer as much eye candy as this, with both the locales and the ladies. 😛

The first time I heard this song, it was in an awesome AMV for Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight. But just beware that both the AMV and my review could have spoilers, so proceed at your own peril. Anyway, it had been a while since I was into this group, but this is a nice reintroduction to them.

Even though they sometimes get labeled as nothing more than a Paramore clone, PVRIS is a group that I’ve liked for a few years now, and especially with how Paramore’s style has changed over the years, this group is unique enough to stand on their own merits. This is one of my favorite songs from them, and I can probably listen to it over and over for hours.


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