What We’re Listening to This Week (October 28th, 2019 Edition)

Halloween is almost here, but despite that, there aren’t a lot of spooky songs on this week’s edition of WWLTTW. But at least there’s Thriller, and that’s pretty much all you need anyway. 😛

Without question, this has to be the most iconic music video of all-time. It’s a shame that Michael Jackson was such a messed up individual, because his music was on a completely different level than everyone else. And instead of talking about his musical legacy, we’re left talking about all that twisted stuff. Such a pity.

The song is Bones from MS MR, and the AMV is based on Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, which is a little fitting for this time of year. MS MR is a group that I was pretty into a few years ago, and this was a pretty good anime as well, so I was happy to see the two paired up like this.

Long time no see, Madeline Juno. It’s been all of three weeks since she was last on the list, but here she is again. I really like the message of this song, and compared to some of her other songs, it’s a more uplifting track that emphasizes the positive outlook on life that I try to have~

Nelly Furtado is a super underrated singer that was definitely one of my favorites when I was younger. Back in the mid 2000s, she was one of the biggest names in music, but now, she’s mostly forgotten. But not by me. This is one of my favorite songs from her, even if it didn’t become a huge hit like some her songs with Timbaland.

Obviously, this is an Ed Sheeran song, but I didn’t know who sung this cover until recently. It’s Madilyn Bailey, and I actually like this version more than the original, which is kind of crazy. Anyway, the video is all about Seulrene, who just about everyone should ship.

Seal was mentioned a couple of weeks ago, and here he is on the list this week. This is yet another uplifting song and video that I have never really gotten tired of listening to or watching, and if it’s not my favorite song/video like that, it’s very near the top.

I know someone who would be PERFECT for this, but she finds things like this a bit cringy, so that’s a little disappointing. Personally, I kinda like this song, and if someone knew nothing about this temporary group and only heard the song, I’d bet that they’d never suspect that it’s composed of foreigners.


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