What We’re Listening to This Week (September 9th, 2019 Edition)

Fall is just about here, and it couldn’t come any sooner, because it’s been brutally hot. Anyway, the weather may be hot, but these songs are oh so cool. What an amazing transition, huh? 😀

Boyce Avenue was one of the first artists we featured on this series, and three months later, here they are again with another awesome cover. This one’s a cover of a James Blunt song, and like always, I think it’s better than the original. Before they hit it big, I bet they were the best cover band ever. 😛

It seems that when an artist makes it onto the list, there’s a decent chance that they’ll soon make it on again, as is the case with DAOKO. This is a very different song from the Fire Emblem theme, but I have to say that I not only like this song more, this is probably my favorite song from her period.

In terms of German music, Madeline Juno’s been dominating this series, but for me, Glasperlenspiel still has to be my favorite German music artist out there. They have a ton of good songs, and this one’s been the one that’s been stuck in my head lately. I’m sure you’ll see then again pretty soon, so get used to the name.

Many years ago, Jesus of Suburbia was a song that was constantly on repeat for me, and even now, I still enjoy hearing it over and over. It’s kind of funny that this is the “short version”, but the video is still over nine minutes long. I’m not the biggest Green Day fan ever, but I very much love this song~

When you think of British singers, chances are you think of Adele, but she’s not the only British songstress you need to know about. Jessie Ware has quietly been making great songs for years, and this is easily one of my favorite songs from her.

Red Velvet have been staples on here, but out of all the times they’ve been on here, this song is probably my favorite one from them. And as much as I’ve talked about Irene, I think Seulgi is the real star of this dance practice, and I can’t seem to take my eyes off her~

What do you get when you combine anime’s very best girl with Usher? Why, a surprisingly good mashup, that’s what. Usher’s a good singer and all, but Tomoko makes this song so much better. You could probably play this mashup to someone who’s never heard either song, and they’d think that this is an original track, it’s that well-done.